Ser internacionalista é saldar a nosa propia débeda coa humanidade. Quen non for capaz de loitar por outras persoas, non será nunca suficientemente capaz de loitar por si.

— Fidel Castro

About us

The Galizan Movement for Socialism (MGS) is born in 2009 as an organization of nationalist militants committed to the conformation of a class-oriented, pro-independence and revolutionary political space, in a critical context for a nationalist movement suffering from a long process of ideological and political denaturalization.

After an important process of militant and territorial reinforcement, it celebrated its I National Political Meeting on the 26th of May 2012, wherein the militant body ratified a political line committed to the reinforcement of left-wing and pro-sovereignty positions, and adopted a series of statutes that define the MGS as a revolutionary party striving for the overcoming of capitalism and for the national liberation of Galiza, for socialist democracy and communism.

The MGS sees Marxism as a critical theory of capitalism inseparable from an emancipatory political practice, to be carried out through the means of resistance and revolution. We are convinced –moreso in this particular historical moment- that the working class needs to create political organizations of their own that defend it and represent its interests.

The MGS affirms that the way of ending all oppression will happen through the implication of the working people in the process of construction of a new society, the constitution of a Galizan state, the seizure of power by the social majority and the construction of socialism.

The sovereignist accumulation of forces must be promoted in all levels of society, without making concessions to a useless, neo-devolutionist cul-de-sac. We affirm, from a critical position, that the most useful strategy is the accumulation of forces within the Patriotic Front which is the unitary embodiment of a Galizan nationalism in favor of national sovereignty and social progress.Our presence in the Front is characterized by the defence of a clearly sovereignist and left-wing political stance ingrained in the social movements, within a democratic organization strengthened by the participation and decision power of grassroots militants. In this regard the MGS acts as one of the integrated collectives within the Galizan Nationalist Bloc in a loyal, coresponsible and active manner, taking part in all its structures, strengthening pro-sovereignty positions and signalling the tight link between the struggle for political sovereignty and the anti-capitalist alternative.

Furthermore, we promote the self-organization of the Galizan people at all levels and strive for the reinforcement of social movements and mass organizations, namely in the trade union field. The MGS’ fundamental working principles are: democratic centralism, a collective and unified direction, militant discipline, criticism and self-criticism.The internal functioning of the MGS seeks to simultaneously ensure internal democracy and unity of action over a single political, tactical and strategic general approach.All militants have the same rights and duties, among them the duty to actively take part of the organization’s structures and of those of the Patriotic Front.

In this historical moment we call for all individuals of nationalist and left-wing convictions to take a step forward and reinforce (or begin) their active commitment. The challenges that lie ahead, a result of the capitalist crisis and the attacks against our national identities, warrant no more delays, incoherence or passivity.

Through organization, spreading of awareness and mobilization of the Galizan working people it will be possible to shift the correlation of forces and to envision and carry out the project of a new and free future for our motherland and our class.

Principles and Objectives

(section 1 of the MGS constitution)

1. The Galizan Movement for Socialism is a revolutionary party which struggles for the overcoming of capitalism and for the national liberation of Galiza, for socialist democracy and for communism, in which all exploitation will be abolished.

2. The MGS assumes that the only way to end oppression is the mass participation of the working class people in the process of independence and national construction, defence and consolidation of the new society. We strive for the dynamization and reinforcement of the popular struggle in close link with the working class people, with the strictest coherence between means and political principles, in order to achieve the constitution of a sovereign and independent Galizan state, the seizure of power by the social majority, the derogation of capitalist ownership of the means of production and ultimately the abolition of all classes.

3. MGS uses Marxism as a critical theory of capitalism, inseparable from an emancipatory political practice implemented through the means of resistance and revolution.In the same way, we are inspired by the practical and theoretical legacy of the national liberation struggle, as well as that of other processes developed by national liberation movements and the working class the world over.In particular, we draw from the positive and negative lessons learned from the different processes of socialist construction, and from the fundamental contributions of Leninism.

4. MGS sees its internationalist commitments and its national commitment as inseparable and complementary.In this way we dialectically combine patriotism and internationalism, which we base in the common interests of the working class and the objectives of the proletariat of all countries of the world in their fight against capitalism and imperialism.

5. MGS stands for the accumulation of forces in the Galizan Nationalist Bloc (BNG), a patriotic front which represents the unitary expression of Galizan nationalism for national sovereignty and social progress. In parallel to this, MGS defends the basic principle of self-organization of the Galizan people and prioritizes conscious political action in social movements and mass organizations, namely the trade union movement, in a path of reinforcement of the hegemonic labour alternative against the social order of capital.

6. The organizational and operational structure of our party reflects its revolutionary nature.Its fundamental principles are democratic centralism, characterized by internal democracy, collective and unitary direction, militant discipline, criticism and self-criticism.These principles are applied consistently, integrally and creatively, ensuring the assumption of personal and collective responsibility, open and democratic discussion at all levels, and unity of action.Political, ideological and organizational unity is a precondition for MGS to attain its objectives.

International activity

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A 3ª Asemblea Nacional do MGS acorda impulsar o proceso constituínte dunha nova organización adaptada á nova fase política